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Health & PE


  • physical activity, from playing sports to working out
  • helping other people enjoy active lives, have fun and improve their health
  • 与儿童和青年工作

Your liberal arts education will equip you with skills in

  • 批判性和创造性思维
  • 通讯
  • 合作

which, added to practical training and experience in health and p.e., results in a person ready to move into a career, or graduate school, plus a healthy, active life.

A degree in Health and Physical Education from ysb88-易胜博娱乐 can prepare you for

  • 教练 (加入教练证书)
  • 体育管理 (add a 体育管理 minor): park districts, recreation centers, camps, fitness clubs, wellness centers, semi-professional and professional sports teams
  • 教学 (education certification to teach K-12)
  • 露营 (add a 青年部 certificate)


See what kind of professional success our HPE alumni have achieved.

Want to talk more with faculty and current students? 安排易胜博娱乐参观。



Students design their own internship experience under the supervision of a faculty member.

Recent internship placements have included the following:

  • ysb88-易胜博娱乐体育部
  • 哈特曼沙,公园城市,阚。
  • Hesston Wellness Center, Hesston, Kan.
  • Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference
  • Kidron Bethel (North Newton) and Schowalter Villa (Hesston) retirement communities
  • Moundridge Memorial 易胜博娱乐/Village, Moundridge, Kan.
  • Mid-America Youth Basketball (MAYB), Newton
  • 当地的青少年足球联赛
  • National Baseball Congress, Wichita
  • Sand Creek Station Golf Course, Newton, and Hesston Municipal Golf Course
  • United Methodist Youthville, Newton/Wichita
  • Wichita Wingnuts (minor league baseball team)
  • 创世纪健康俱乐部,威奇托
  • 牛顿娱乐中心
  • 牛顿公立学校
  • 随时随地健身,牛顿
  • 曲线,牛顿
  • 名人堂堪萨斯州体育名人堂,牛顿

The rigorous courses prepared me for the educational classroom right away. I enjoyed my first two years at BC, but it wasn’t until [my junior year] that I realized howBethel was molding me to be a successful teacher 现在教练。
—Tony Hoops ’05, Health 管理 (Health and Physical Education)
Masters in school leadership, Baker University

You need only look as far as the professional success of Bethel’s health and physical education alumni to understand the strength of the program.

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A wide range of career opportunities exists for graduates in health and physical education. WHO毕业生追求 教师资格证  教练 and are certified by the American Sport Education Program (ASEP).

WHO毕业生追求 体育管理 


  • 管理:
    • 体育视频
    • 体育网页/互联网网站
    • 食物和饮料
    • 门票
    • 会计
    • 公司集团或盐
    • 事件
    • 活动促销
    • 设备
    • 集团销售
    • 比赛操作
  • 导向器:
    • 竞技
    • 金融
    • 特别活动
    • 企业销售
    • 营销
    • 体育信息
  • 媒体关系
  • 活动协调员
  • 客户关系
  • 顾客服务;客服
  • 赛事策划者
  • 旅行/导游
  • 特别活动协调员

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Another career option is to attend graduate school. Many of our graduates have received assistantships from major universities around the region and country.

If you choose to major in health and physical education, career options include, but are not limited to:

  • 体育
  • 体育管理
  • 教练
  • 娱乐/休闲业
  • 适应体育
  • 健康教育
  • 运动科学
  • 力量和调节
  • 健康和健身指导


杰西卡Muckenthaler - '12


乍得赫什伯格 - 07年
Major requirements for Health and Physical Education:
轻微要求 教练:
轻微要求 体育管理:
Major requirements for Health Education teacher licensure:
39 hours plus completion of General Education requirements for teacher licensure and professional education requirements
Major requirements for Physical Education teacher licensure:
46小时 plus completion of General Education requirements for teacher licensure and professional education requirements.


Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education


Director of 运动训练 and Assistant Professor of HPE